Update August 6, 2014


 Aonia Pass Motocross/ATV Track is open every weekend on Saturday and Sunday for practice

Please note that we will NOT have open practice on weekends of scheduled events.

We do allow motocross as well as ATV Race Quads to practice

Due to the weather conditions lately, please call before you come

Track Number:  706-678-3737



Please DO NOT leave message on track phone for

Event RV Site Reservations (if you leave message for rv reservations on track answer machine we can not guarantee you a reservation -     PLEASE See Below for Reservations

RV Sites are first come - first serve for open weekend practices

Reservations for RV sites Closed for Aug, 9-10 weekend

Plenty of sites left for this weekend

The rv sites are assigned on first to reserve basis.  If you want to camp with friends, you must let us know and make reservations at the same time.  Cannot guarantee you will camp together it reservations are not made at same time.  To secure reservations, payment for all nights reserved are required at time of reservations.  If you need to cancel, please do so within 3 days prior to the event for full refund.  We do understand that things happen and we all have accidents.  Each site is set up to accommodate 2 rv's - 1 with a 30 amp plug in and the 2nd unit with a 50 amp plug in.  Aonia Pass does not provide converter plugs to adapt a 30 amp unit up to a 50 amp plug in and 50 amp plug to a 30 amp plug in on the pole.  If you want to be next to a friend and don't have the correct plug in then you will need to provide your own adapter,   

Please include in your email:
   Contact Number
   TOTAL length of RV, Truck and Trailer
    Which is required by your rv       30 or 50 amp plug-in

Email information to:  gitgrafix@pstel.net



Open Practice Fee:  $25 a rider
  • Monday thru Thursday 8am - Dark

  • Closed on Friday for Track Prep.
  • Practice Saturday and Sunday 8am - Dark
  • The Main Motocross Track is prepped every weekend (Friday evening and Saturday evening prep-time).  Mulchy dirt with sawdust mixed in and watered to keep the dust down.  Awesome for good traction and good cornering practice.

Aonia Pass is one of the largest motocross and offroad racing facilities around. We hold more motorsport events than most facilities in the area.    We offer:


  • Convenient location - 15 mins from I-20 on US Hwy 78 near Washington.

  • Camping with RV Hookups - 147 Full Hookups (Water, Sewer & Electricity) for $35 a night.                                    Lake fishing - bring your rod and reel and bait
    Hotels, Red Land Motel or Jameson Inn,  and Restaurants 5 minutes from the track, Washington, Ga

  • Bath Houses - Men's and Women's

  • Concession Stand - Drinks and Snacks - Breakfast and Lunch Items

  • 1.5-mile AMA Motocross Track - fun, wide, safe

  • Large property (600 acres) for special events - Call if you are interested in holding an event at Aonia Pass




    • As of January 2014,  your ride fee is now $25.00 per rider. (subject to change without notice)

    • Please come to the sign-up building and sign all paperwork/waivers and pay your fees BEFORE you unload your bike to ride.   Just use the small envelopes at the sign up counter and fill out the information on it, then, slip the envelope through the slot if track worker is not at signup.   To save you money we don't always have someone attending the sign-up during the week, so, we rely on you honest people to do as we ask.

    • Anyone caught riding before signing/paying will be permanently dismissed from the property. This goes for rider fees and/or hookup/camping fees.

    • Always wear a helmet when riding anywhere on the property.

    • There are metal cans throughout the facility so PLEASE No LITTERING.

    • No loud noises after dark in the camping areas.

    • Keep the shower and bath house clean.  Anyone caught vandalizing the bath houses with be asked to leave property and responsible for cost of damages. 

    • No dumping oil or dirtbike/atv fluids on the property

    • NO speeding in the pits. First gear, near idle speed only!

    • Understand that you are riding at your own risk. Aonia Pass Motocross, it's officials, riders, employees, instructors, flaggers, sponsors, anyone affiliated with Aonia Pass Motocross LLC are not responsible in any way if you get injured or experience loss of property at our facility.


    ALERT: Anyone caught failing to sign in and pay their ride fee will be prosecuted for trespassing.  Smile for the closed-circuit cameras.  We have them and we know who comes and goes at the track.